Our 1,600 m2 plant has the capacity to simultaneously handle various projects or tasks, offering a high degree of flexibility in order to deal with any urgent requests by our customers.

Our production plant boasts a wide variety of technological solutions for the manufacture of parts, delivered with the commitment, professionalism, innovation and determination that have characterised the company since it was founded 40 years ago.

Our workshop

Matrinox Technology

Technical office

– CAD-CAM software (CIMATRON E and FIKUS) using solid modelling and surface machining, enabling us to optimize the machining process.

– CAE software (Dynaform) in order to optimize die design.

– High-precision 3D measurement tools with comparison software (Geomagic Qualify).

Production plant

– CNC and conventional machines, enabling us to achieve high-precision, high-quality

– Hydraulic presses in order to test our dies and those of other customers.

All our technology at your disposal