Design of dies CAD-CAM-CAE

Design and construction of dies

Once we deliver the 2D or 3D models of the part to the customer, our Technical Office designs the die using our CAD-CAE systems (Cimatron E and Dynaform).

The die components are machined in the Workshop using our CAM software (Cimatron E).

The coupling section completes the final  adjustments for assembling the die.

The Workshop and the Technical Office carry out the testing process. Thanks to our
measurement systems (Faro 8-Axis Edge FaroArm & ScanArm) and software (Geomagic Control X and Cimatron module, and Springback deformation), we can guarantee the level of
quality of the part requested by the customer.

Finally, once the product has been validated by our customer, we deliver the die.

Modifications and maintenance of dies

We apply our manufacturing experience in the maintenance and modification of our customers’ dies


With have a set of machines capable of machining any part:

of dies

We have two hydraulic presses in order to adjust our customers’

Production of parts using our hydraulic press

Thanks to our hydraulic press and feeding line, we can offer our customers the deep drawn
stamping of parts

We design, build and assemble any die you need